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The Fallacy of Frame Score

There has been much ado over frame scores over the last few years. Lots of opinions over what a proper frame score is for a cow. However, it needs to be noted that giving the frame score is not complete information. It’s not the whole story. And comparing cows based on frame score alone is not comparing apples to apples…. Read more »

Muscling In the Back End of Females

Recently I heard there is a trend–maybe not intentional, but a trend nonetheless–to breed the muscle out of the back end of females? What?! The muscling is something that I really pay attention to–muscle is meat, marketable product. I know that everyone is big on the bulls, but the cow contributes half! Muscling in the back is necessary! Here are… Read more »

ProfitABILITY’s Biggest Denominator of For A Cow/Calf Operation

“We wean off 600-pound calves.” It is said with pride, listeners should be impressed. Or should they? Weaning 600-pounds can be impressive, but it is commonly mistaken as a measure for success. An operation that weans off 600-pound calves is presumed to be better than an operation that weans off 500-pound calves. 600-pound calves bring in more total money, right?… Read more »