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What the Heck Is A Moderate Frame Cow

And what does that mean anyway?! What the heck is a moderate Frame cow? Reiterating: “Moderate” is a relative and subjective term. In Extreme Cattle Ranching, I clarified how there are things to be extreme in and things that should be “moderate.” Moderate, in talking about cattle genetic traits, could be taken to mean median, but there again it is… Read more »

The Invisible–But Super-Important–Trait To Be Considered In Cattle Selection

“They grow better with love.” I’ve said it for years. It’s not just some saying to be cute, it’s the truth. In recent years, producers and all segments of the cattle industry have started paying attention to cattle disposition. Some bull producers have started to rate each bull and score them on their docility, notably Kit Pharo, who explains his… Read more »

What Is the Best Breed of Cattle?

Ask 20 people and you will get 20 different answers–as long as they don’t all raise the same breed or you aren’t attending a breed association meeting. The truth is, the question is incomplete. To fully get the real and best answer–which still has other factors, so there really is no “correct” answer–the question should be “What is the best… Read more »