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Truth: Sometimes It Is Cheaper To Buy Hay Than Make It!

Princess in the foreground. Chunk back left; Luck, Chunk's full sister back right. Bred cows. Picture taken Feb 19, 2015.

As I pointed out last Saturday in the Cow Cow Ranch Happening post on July 30, 2016, it’s cheaper to buy hay than to make it this year. I had figured that out back in April, when I was spending 8-12 hours a day just on the west field at Winchester’s. “If we didn’t need the pasture, we’d buy hay!”… Read more »

July 30, 2016 – Cow Cow Ranch Happenings


Well, this week went by rather quickly. Last Friday Jer had moved the cows on Cox’s from the field behind the houses to the field above Granny’s. He thought it would last them a week, but it’s only about a acre–a little less–and 13 cows, calves, and a bull is quite a bit of pressure on that small of a… Read more »

Animal Impact–It Works!

Another view of the horse pasture.

The first book I ever read through completely about alternatives to conventional land and animal management–not bought, but read–was Holistic Resource Management by Allan Savory. It was really exciting to see his principles demonstrated right before my eyes. I started noticing things I hadn’t before, like that the grass was better in the bar ditches beside the road than in… Read more »