Sustainable Beef For Sustainable Business


Sustainable and sustainable farming have become buzz words for agriculture. Let’s get some terminology down:

Cow Cow Ranch’s Definition of Sustainable

Production of food for human consumption through the utilization of natural, renewable resources in a way that does not diminish the resources’ abilities to regenerate. A sustainable operation must produce enough income to pay for it’s own expenses, debt load (if any), and make a return on the capital invested. Sustainable beef production is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.

That means that for an operation to be sustainable, it must be profitable, because it must make enough to support itself *and* the family that runs it, plus any employees!

Cow Cow Ranch has the beef genetics that can help producers become sustainable in a very short time! We also develop the plan for the conversion to a sustainable operation! If you would like assistance with becoming profitable and sustainable, please contact us!

Beef is not just food. There are a number of products that are byproducts of beef that many people do not even know have beef in them. What would people do without beef? Lifestyle would surely go down without some of these products!


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