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Cox's 2

Cox’s – upper field is pasture. Lower half of the top section is “below the Rat Shack” and the piece to the east is “behind the houses.” Middle and lower sections are hay fields and then fall pasture. “The Orchard” is the upper part of the middle section, with “the field above Granny’s” being above the house in the middle section. The rest of the middle section is called “the upper hay field.” Lower section, below the house that’s in the middle section is called “below Granny’s,” with the rest being the “lower hay field.”

16 acres of hay field, 5 acres of pasture.


winchester overview

Winchester’s, west and east field. 16+ acres. West field in grass/alfalfa; east field newly seeded in alfalfa with a cover of oats. Mainly Morning Glory, but it’s helping the water spread out. Total lack of organic material in the soil–doesn’t hold water for beans. Difficult to get water to run all the way down the marks. West field has too many problems to be workable; considering refitting the field in 2017.


Carl's 2

Carl’s is about 5 acres. Carl’s house is at the top. Property line is between the two houses. House and buildings in the lower left is Dan’s.


Dan's 2

Dan’s is about 4.5 acres. Carl’s house in upper left of picture. Dan’s is pasture for horses. Jeramie used to work this property back in 2003 or so, when it had more trees (previously an orchard). As of 2016, hasn’t been marked for at least 2 years. Gated pipe that has been through a fire, so is melted in places, can’t take the pipe apart.


Gayle Hayley 2

Gayle’s is about 13 acres, 12 of which is irrigated. She claimed it was 17 acres, we paid for 16. Still don’t know what is going to go on with the lease money. “Lower field” is actually on the north; “Upper field” is southern field (bottom of the picture). Upper field is in elk fence. We drilled oats into the lower field this spring; Gayle had upper field interseeded with alfalfa and clover–was supposed to be medium red clover, ends up being mammoth clover. Plenty of water to irrigate with, but no way to turn water completely off the field. Pipe is in good shape, but lots of gates and gaskets need replaced. Owner is somewhat difficult to deal with–alcohol.

Dealing with all these different people, paying cash at the beginning of the year without knowing what we’re going to be able to produce, farming is more like gambling. Add cows to it, we should probably be attending Gambler’s Anonymous!

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