June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

VBS, irrigate, clean house (yes!). That was when Jer sent me a private message on Facebook with this picture.

Cutting the cake at our wedding reception (in a barn). June 14, 2008.

Cutting the cake (a barn) at our wedding reception (in a barn, dirt floor). June 14, 2008.

Oh, how sweet. He’s thinking of our wedding. He’s never sent me something like this before. Phone rings. It’s Jeramie.

Me: “Was that picture on your Facebook memories?”

Jer: “Yes.”

Me: “That’s sweet.”

Jer: “What’s today?”

Me: “Tuesday.”

Jer: “Besides that?”

Me: “June 14…..OH MAN!!! I totally forgot.”

He forgot my 30th birthday, I can forget an anniversary.

Pick up kids from VBS, home and feed kids, take kids to day camp…

Lily has become quite the companion. She has it all figured out.

My sidekick.

My sidekick.

Worked on the blog and Facebooked until about 3:00, was supposed to be in Olathe at 4:00. Got down to the corrals and realized panels were set up for Doug to draw Power still, not to load cows. Had to reconfigure the panels to load and back up just so. Actually, pretty easy to hit the spot now, since it’s just lining the driver’s side corner of the trailer up with the corner post of the corral.

Loaded Flutter and Sir Patrick (her calf) to go to Olathe. She was doing so good, I thought I would video and post on the blog. I was videoing when she decided to stop dead in her tracks, with Sir Patrick behind her, and Sir Patrick right next to the “drive thru” (a downed board) in the bull pen…which Power had gone over to and was bellowing because I was taking one of his girls. (Wow that was a long sentence…). The camera ended up with my finger over the lens (so it’s a picture of red) and me using not-very-ladylike language, so I’ll refrain from posting.

By the time I went around and got Sir Patrick around–again–Flutter was standing in the trailer, looking out, bellowing for Sir Patrick, with a look of “Why aren’t you in the trailer yet?” I didn’t bother to mess with my camera, I was busy getting Sir Patrick past the drive thru.

Took Flutter to Jeff and put the last embryo in. Good CL. Yeah! Loaded Flutter, 275 (embryo put in on Wednesday), and 295 (embryo put in on Thursday), and their calves then headed home. Made it to the Cedaredge turnoff on the 4-lane and realized I’d forgot to fuel up (the ding of the low fuel light reminded me). Turned around and crammed 34 gallons in the 35-gallon tank.

Headed home. Already exhausted, still had to irrigate. Snapped these pictures while I was out at Carl’s:

arnold 6-14-2016

Arnold, a CCR steer that is already scheduled for slaughter in September, when he is 18 months old. He’s out of Annie (a CCR cow) and Rainmaker (a CCR bull we sold last year). He will be the first CCR-type steer we have raised to 18 months before slaughter. He should be “finished” by then, we shall see.

Flower, a fullblood heifer that will be retained for breeding.

Flower, a fullblood heifer that will be retained for breeding.

Went home and collapsed.

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