How To Start A Farm: With Limited Funds

Multiple species of grass with alfalfa and clover pasture.

How To Start A Farm: Hopefully I can give some insight and share how to start a farm by sharing how we have built Cow Cow Ranch from literally nothing. This will probably end up a series of post. May I recommend signing up for notification of new posts? You can do that by clicking HERE (will open in new tab… Read more »

Friday Funny – This Could be us…but we have livestock

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Not that I’m a tropical beach person….too hot…but it’s the point that it’s difficult at times to go anywhere else because there always seems to be something that needs done. Like irrigating, twice a day. Plus, what if we’re away and the cows decide to go galavanting across the country? Or just get out and stand in the middle of… Read more »

The Oxymoron That Is the USDA Grading Scale

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Does anyone else recognize the oxymoron in the USDA’s beef grading system? “Lean beef” means a lack of fat, but the system is based off more fat being perceived as better. Prime is best on the scale–and has the most fat. Choice has less fat, but still has quite a bit. No wonder consumers are confused! Beef is a great… Read more »

Is There Other Land That Is “Wasted”?

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When I asked the question: Is A Completely Grass Fed Model Possible In The US? there were a lot of opinions, some good reasoning, debate, comments, and discussion. The ground used to grow corn that is fed to cattle was mentioned, but no one mentioned the golf courses! How many cows could live on golf courses? Okay, so close your eyes… Read more »

Improving Pastures Improves Efficiency, Profitability, and Sustainability

The lease that hasn't been mechanically reseeded in over 45 years.

Efficiency is the key. The more efficiently resources are used, the more profitable an operation becomes, the more it is sustainable. One of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is to improve pastures. Interseeding legumes has penciled to be one of the best investments an operation can make, in my experience. The hardest part of this, for us, has been… Read more »